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SoundPLAN representative for Egypt

In 1994, Elnady Engineering and Agencies started business in the field of contracting. We were specialized in different Mechanical and Electrical installations. Soon, we started offering turn-key projects including all kinds of construction services.

In 1998, we started a new activity which is consultancy in the field of Acoustics and Vibrations. We offer services to different customers locally and internationally.

In 2005, the Company started the business of software and hardware marketing, sales, and technical support. We represent several companies in the Arab Countries. COMSOL is a Swedish Company developing state-of-the-art Finite Element software that is capable of simulating any physical problem that can be described with partial differential equations. Maplesoft is a Canadian Company developing the worldwide famous Mathematics software, Maple. LMS International is a Belgium Company developing Software and Hardware for different applications in Acoustics and Vibration. BSWA Technologies is a Chinese Company developing different types of precision microphones and accessories need for Acoustic measurements. Braunstein + Berndt GmbH is a German Company developing SoundPLAN, the world market leader for noise and air pollution modeling and mapping software.

In 2006, we started selling SIDLAB, new software for simulating the propagation of low frequency sound in ducts. SIDLAB is developed by us in cooperation with scientists from Sweden. We handle all marketing and sales in the whole world.

Today, we are 21 employees.

3. A map for Elnady company

Map of the Company location

4. The main activities of Elnady company

4.1. Contracting
4.2. Acoustics consultancy
4.3. Software & Hardware Agencies
4.4. SIDLAB Development


We are specialized in different Mechanical and Electrical installations. We also offer turn-key contracting projects. We have good experience in the following projects:
Turn-key projects including all kinds of construction services.
         Steel Constructions
         Water, Gas, Fuel, and Sewage Networks and Stations.
         Electro-Mechanical Projects.
         Communication Networks (wired and wireless).

        Acoustics Consultancy

We provide specialized consultancy in the field of Acoustics and Vibrations. We offer services to different customers locally and internationally. We have a team consisting of researchers at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University who has good experience in the following fields:

        Room and Building Acoustics. Design of Sound Systems.
        Duct Acoustics, control of sound propagating inside ducts.
        Active Noise and Vibration Control.
        Vibration Isolation.
        Acoustic Manipulation.
        Machinery Noise and Vibration Control Procedures.

        Software & Hardware Agencies

        Finite Element Modeling (COMSOL)
        Sound & Vibration Measurements (LMS & BSWA TECH)
        Mathematical Modeling (Maple)
        Noise & Air Mapping (SoundPLAN)


SIDLAB Development

SIDLAB is a combination of software solutions for the analysis of sound propagation inside duct networks. It compiles a long experience and knowledge of using similar codes for all types of duct acoustic applications in research, teaching and consulting.

SIDLAB products are offered as open source code. This is a huge advantage for advanced users to perform advanced and custom analyses. It runs under MATLAB. Calculation time is typically a few seconds on a normal PC. Post-processing within SIDLAB is simple and straightforward, with the possibility to save the results in different formats.

SIDLAB is developed by us in cooperation with scientists from Sweden. We handle all marketing and sales in the whole world.

5. Elnady companyís product line

5.1. Comsol

COMSOL Multiphysics is partial differential equation (PDEs) based program for simulating unlimited Multiphysics and single-physics applications and solve it using finite element method (FEM). It incorporates easy-to-use application interfaces, complete control over meshing, and powerful solvers.

5.2. LMS
Offer complete solution for all types of sound and vibration measurement and analysis. LMS offers a unique combination of virtual simulation software, mobile and lab testing systems, rotating machinery and engineering services.


BSWA Technology Co., Ltd. has become a preferred microphone supplier in China and throughout the world. Using the simple strategy of producing high quality microphones at a low cost, itís no wonder that many OEMs and system integrators have selected BSWA microphones for their applications. BSWA continues to invest in new machine tool technology, new methods of calibration, and new process control methods to further microphone and related equipment technology while reducing manufacturing costs.

5.4. Maplesoft

The Maple software is one of the most powerful software used in mathematical and engineering manipulations; as it is frequently used for the symbolic manipulations in solving different kinds of problems. In addition, it has a great ability in plotting data resulting from a problem solution with several plot options. It is fed by several toolboxes to make solving problems seems much easier.

5.5. SoundPLAN

SoundPLAN is a complete software package offering a full spectrum of noise and air pollution evaluation modules, with quick and accurate calculation and impressive graphics. Comprehensive studies involving any size areas and multiple sources can be completed efficiently and cost effectively using this modeling software.

6. For SoundPLAN users we can:

1. Support all our customers in executing their projects.
2. Provide them with the updates of the software (new versions).
3. Answer any technical question regarding the software usage.