Mackenzie Hoy Consulting Engineers

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address: 5 Coniston Way, Pinelands 7405, Cape Town, South Africa

Tel:(27) (0) 21 424 5719


Information about Company:

Mackenzie Hoy Consulting Engineers is an Acoustics and Electrical Engineering consulting company based in Cape Town, South Africa. The company was started in 1998 by Terry Mackenzie Hoy. Currently there are four engineers, two technicians and support staff that make up the core of Mackenzie Hoy Consulting Engineers. Our philosophy is one of strong engineering principals backed by technological advances in order to give our clients the best service possible.


Main Activities:

Mackenzie Hoy Consulting Engineers main activities are acoustics consulting and large current electrical engineering consulting. We also perform ground vibration measurements and pedestrian wind studies.

Acoustics areas of expertise:

-          Architectural Acoustics Design

-          Environmental Noise Impact Assessments

-          Industrial Noise Control and Plant Surveys

-          Noise Contour Modelling with SoundPLAN

-          Long-term Noise Monitoring


How we can help SoundPLAN Users

-          Timely technical support and general service for Southern Africa Region

-          General Training in the use of SoundPLAN

-          Advice on modelling setups and data collection methods prior to modelling