Marshall Day Acoustics Pty Ltd was established in 1987. With its New Zealand partner, it has become a leading acoustic consultancy with major projects in Australia, New Zealand, South-East Asia, China and the Middle East.

Marshall Day Acoustics has Australian offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, New Zealand offices in Auckland, New Plymouth, Wellington and Christchurch, a China office in Guangzhou and an office in Ireland. We have also recently opened offices in London and Bahrain.

Marshall Day Acoustics operates a broad-based acoustic consulting practice specializing in:


Auditorium and Studio Acoustics
Building Noise Control
Industrial Noise Control
Planning and Environmental Noise
Electro-Acoustics and Audio Visual
Vibration Assessment and Control
Theatre Planning and Technical Systems Design.


6 Gipps Street

Collingwood, VIC, 3066

(02) 8211 1142  

Gillian Lee (SoundPLAN marketing and support)


Alex Morabito (SoundPLAN marketing and support)


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A large number of consultants at Marshall Day Acoustics use SoundPLAN on a daily basis, therefore we have a wealth of user knowledge to draw upon to assist in solving user-related issues. In addition, we offer next business day delivery of all new licenses and modules to major cities within Australia.

Part of the Marshall Day SoundPLAN support is our own SoundPLAN website: with a news section, module descriptions, downloads and contacts page.

4.0 SoundPLAN Contact

Gillian Lee (SoundPLAN marketing and support)

Alex Morabito (SoundPLAN marketing and support)


phone: (02) 8211 1142


Marshall Day Acoustics has developed a number of high quality acoustical design tools that are in use by acoustics professionals on every continent.

INSUL is a program for predicting the sound insulation of walls, floors, ceilings and windows. The program can estimate the Transmission Loss (TL) in 1/3 octave bands and Weighted Sound Reduction Index (STC or Rw) for use in sound transfer calculations.

ZORBA is a quick tool for predicting the absorption performance of porous systems with perforated facings.  This tool is ideal for the investigation of acoustically critical rooms such as studios, concerts halls, class room, lecture theatres and others.

dBSea is a modeling suite for underwater noise prediction and visualisation

IRIS is a 3D acoustic impulse response - measurement and visualisation,nz