The SoundPLAN Manager

The Starting point for all modules

SoundPLAN is organized as a set of programs that can be executed separately through the windows facilities or as one project through the SoundPLAN Manager. As the programs are independent, you can start one of the modules and then start another one without first closing the other program. This allows SoundPLAN users the convenience of running calculations while editing other data.

Checking the license information

For SoundPLAN to function properly, the license file is required. The license file must have the same serial number (4 digit numerical) as the copy protection key.

SoundPLAN is administered in a modular way, through the menu HELP/LICENSE INFORMATION you get a table of the modules available to you. The left hand side shows the modules that are part of the license, the right side what is no licensed. In the columns of the licensed modules some modules may have an asterisk in front indicating that the module is on a temporary setting. The expiration date for this module you find above along with the expiration date for the support.

You may install the software on multiple PCs but only the PC with the HASP key attached (or if it is a network license) will run the software. For programs that are being used as "slaves" for Distributed Computing, the programs do not have to have a HASP key, the demo version is sufficient.

The Project settings

All data from a SoundPLAN project is collected in the project folder. SoundPLAN recognizes the version of the program with which the project was opened last, and if it was from an older version suggests to update the data structures to this version.

The project contains a project description with the title, project number, engineer and a big description field that you will appreciate in 10 years when you are asked to update the project.

Each project also is associated with a coordinate and a reference system. Only if these systems are defined it is possible to directly use geo-referenced bitmaps connect to Google Earth and load external data without a coordinate transformation.

Customization of SoundPLAN

SoundPLAN is used on a worldwide basis with users having different needs for languages, calculation standards and other settings. The Country and language settings allow a user to choose the program language and also the templates that were generated for regional markets.

The Settings are displayed in 3 groups, Program settings, Global settings and Current Project settings. Global settings and Current Project settings are basically the same but one applies to the current project and the other is the settings that a new project would be given.

The Global and Current Project settings allow you to select your calculation standards for road/railway/industry and customize how they run. The noise assessment is a very important part of it, it allows the user to configure the time slots (day/night versus day/evening/night) and the definition of night time.

The program settings regulate the internal works for Distributed Computing (how to communicate and where to find data), System settings are specifications of how to run the graphics in SoundPLAN. The  Internet Update allows you to choose if and how often the program is checking for a new version on the web.

Updates and Downloads

All users with a current system (within the first year after purchase or with a Update&Maintenance contract can always download the latest version of the software from our web server. The updates are split in Program updates to update the executables, the System File Update to update the language files and templates etc and the section that allows you to download the demo projects.

When an update is available, you always find a listing of what was changed, the listing is recording all changes since this version has been launched so scroll down to see it all.



Getting Help

If you experiencing difficulties, you can use the SoundPLAN Manager to send an e-mail to your support partner, attach the zipped project and ask for their expertise.

Under Help you also have access to the Help Menu, the handbook and can read what is new in this version.



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